Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities for Students at UMBC

Our Big Data Analytics Lab (BDAL) is looking for students at UMBC to conduct Big Data Analytics related research. If you are interested, please check our publications and our GitHub repository and email Dr. Jianwu Wang with the following information: 1) the topics you want to work on and how you plan to work on them, 2) related background you might have (related projects/courses, programing experiences and languages, your GitHub repositories, certificates, etc) and 3) how you want to participate (i.e., register Independent/Individual Study course on which semester). If you need to build up your skills first, please check our knowledge-base for resources.

Our Lab
Please check other tabs of the website and below for additional information of our lab below. Students who are interested in applying the PhD program at our lab will be given priorities for recruitment.

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  • Online Interdisciplinary Big Data Analytics in Science and Engineering REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates): This REU Site program will provide 8-week summer online research experiences to undergraduates on how to utilize modern data science and high-performance computing (HPC) techniques to process and analyze big data in many science and engineering disciplines such as Atmospheric Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Medicine. Each participant who successfully finishes the program and completes all requirements will receive $5,000 stipend and support to conference traveling to present his/her research. Dr. Wang is the director of the Big Data REU program.
  • Supplement for Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE): The Supplement for Undergraduate Research (SURE) program is a UMBC internal funding mechanism managed by the Office of Research Development in support the inclusion of undergraduates in faculty-led research (including scholarly and creative activities) during a student’s first four semesters at UMBC. SURE proposals are submitted by faculty members.All SURE awards are granted the same ceiling of $1,500.
  • UMBC’s Undergraduate Research Award (URA): Undergraduate Research Award provides up to $1,500 to undergraduate students to support their research or creative work with a UMBC faculty mentor on an original project. UMBC students of all years and disciplines are invited to apply, as long as they will remain enrolled at UMBC long enough to complete the proposed work. Dr. Wang is a research mentor for the program.
  • UMBC’s Center for Women in Technology: Dr. Wang is a research mentor for the program.
  • UMBC’s McNair Scholars program: Dr. Wang is a research mentor for the program.
  • UMBC’s Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program: Dr. Wang is a research mentor for the program.
  • Earn up to 6 upper-level academic credits while engaging in cutting-edge research by registering course IS 400 (Individual Study in Information Systems) and/or IS 469 (Senior Project in Information Systems)
  • Volunteer
  • Ways to Conduct Research for MS Students

  • Registering course IS 700 (Independent Study), up to 3 academic credits
  • Registering course IS 799 (Master’s Thesis Research), up to 6 academic credits in two semesters
  • Volunteer
  • Paid RA or hourly paid positions. In most cases, paid positions will only be considered after a period of working in the lab via Independent Study course or Volunteering in order to build up required skills and know how to work with others in a team.