Lab Director: Jianwu Wang, Ph.D. (jianwu _at_ [Associate Professor of Data Science in the Department of Information Systems]

Awards by Lab Members

Current PhD Students

  • Arjun Pandya, apandya1 _at_, Spring 2018 – present
  • Sahara Ali, sali9 _at_, Spring 2020 – present
  • Oluwatobiloba (Tobi) Odunsi, oodunsi1 _at_, Spring 2021 – present
  • Xingyan Li, xingyanli _at_, Fall 2021 – present
  • Seraj Mostafa, s172 _at_, Fall 2021 – present
  • Azim Khan, azimkhan22 _at_, Spring 2022 – present
  • Francis Nji, fnji1 _at_, Spring 2022 – present
  • Joyce Padela, jpadela1 _at_, Spring 2022 – present
  • Homayra Alam, halam3 _at_, Fall 2022 – present
  • Omar Faruque, omarf1 _at_, Fall 2022 – present
  • Akila Sampath, asampath _at_, Spring 2023 – present
  • Mostafa Cham, mcham2 _at_, Fall 2023 – present
  • Tartela Tabassum, tartelt1 _at_, Spring 2024 – present

Graduated PhD Students

  • Xin Huang, Summer 2023, Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis: Deep Learning based Cloud Retrieval Techniques using Multiple Satellite Remote Sensing Data. Position after graduation: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University.
  • Qitao Xie, Spring 2023, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Doctoral Thesis: Deep Learning Based Chatbot on FinTech Applications. Part-time Student.
  • Xin (Starly) Wang, Spring 2018 – Spring 2022. Ph.D. ’22, Doctoral Thesis: Secure, Reproducible And Adaptive Machine Learning In Distributed Systems. Position after graduation: Post-doc, Tsinghua University.
  • Pei Guo, Spring 2017 – Spring 2021. Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis: Scalable Multivariate Causality Discovery From Large-scale Global Spatiotemporal Climate Data. Position after graduation: Data Scientist, Wyze Labs.
  • Wenbin Zhang, Fall 2016-Fall 2020. Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis: Learning Fairness and Graph Deep Generation in Dynamic Environments. 1st Position after graduation: Post-doc, Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University. 2nd Position after graduation: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science at Michigan Technological University

Graduated MS Students

  • Garima Kumari, M.S. ’23. Master Thesis: Distributed Deep Learning Techniques for Remote Sensing Applications
  • Rohan Salvi, M.S. ’23. Master Thesis: Spatio-temporal Multivariate Weather Data Clustering Using DBScan and K-medoids Methods
  • Charan Duggirala, M.S. ’23. Master Thesis: Distributed GPU Computing For Deep Learning In Proton Beam Therapy For Cancer Treatment
  • Supriya Sangondimath, M.S. ’21. Master Thesis: Service-oriented Scalable MODIS Aggregation Using STRATUS Framework
  • Savio Kay, M.S. ’19, Master Thesis: A Big Data Study on Scientific Dataset Subsampling for Faster Data Aggregation Using Xarray And Dask. Position after graduation: Associate Programmer, Emmes.
  • Deepak Prakash, M.S. ’19. Master Thesis: Benchmarking of Parallel Climate Data Aggregation in a Distributed Environment. Position after graduation: Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Analyst at PNC Financial Services.
  • Rishi Sankineni, M.S. ’17, Master Thesis: Parallel Feature Selection of Multiple Class Datasets using Apache Spark. Position after graduation: Data Scientist, Kaiser Permanente.
  • Sarthak Bhatt, M.S. ’17, Position after graduation: Full Stack Developer, Sparksoft Corporation.
  • Muthukumar Thevar, M.S. ’17. Master Thesis: The Effect of K-nearest Neighbors Classifier for Intrusion Detection of Streaming Net-flows in Apache Spark Environment.
  • Sai C. Pallaprolu, M.S. ’17, Master Thesis: Zero-day Attack Identification in Streaming data: Nearest Neighbor Heuristics and Dynamic Semantic Network Generation in the Spark Eco-system.