Lab Director: Jianwu Wang, Ph.D. (jianwu _at_ [Associate Professor of Data Science in the Department of Information Systems]

Dr. Jianwu Wang is an Associate Professor of Data Science in the Department of Information Systems at UMBC. He is also an Affiliated Faculty at the Joint Center for Earth Systems Technology (JCET), UMBC. His research interests include Big Data Analytics, Scientific Workflow, Distributed Computing, Service Oriented Computing. He has published 110+ papers with more than 2000 citations (h-index: 22). He is/was associate editor or editorial board member of four international journals, conference organization committee member of eight conferences and co-chair of eight related workshops. He is also program committee member for over 40 conferences/workshops, and reviewer of over 15 journals or books. Since joining UMBC in 2015, he has received multiple external grants as PI funded by NSF, NASA, DOE, State of Maryland, and Industry. He is also an NSF CAREER awardee. His current research interests include Big Data Analytics, Distributed Computing and Scientific Workflow with application focus on climate and manufacturing.

Awards by Lab Members

Current PhD Students

  • Arjun Pandya, apandya1 _at_, Spring 2018 – present
  • Sahara Ali, sali9 _at_, Spring 2020 – present
  • Oluwatobiloba (Tobi) Odunsi, oodunsi1 _at_, Spring 2021 – present
  • Xingyan Li, xingyanli _at_, Fall 2021 – present
  • Seraj Mostafa, s172 _at_, Fall 2021 – present
  • Azim Khan, azimkhan22 _at_, Spring 2022 – present
  • Francis Nji, fnji1 _at_, Spring 2022 – present
  • Joyce Padela, jpadela1 _at_, Spring 2022 – present
  • Homayra Alam, halam3 _at_, Fall 2022 – present
  • Omar Faruque, omarf1 _at_, Fall 2022 – present
  • Akila Sampath, asampath _at_, Spring 2023 – present
  • Mostafa Cham, mcham2 _at_, Fall 2023 – present

Graduated PhD Students

  • Xin Huang, Summer 2023, Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis: Deep Learning based Cloud Retrieval Techniques using Multiple Satellite Remote Sensing Data. Position after graduation: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Towson University.
  • Qitao Xie, Spring 2023, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Doctoral Thesis: Deep Learning Based Chatbot on FinTech Applications. Part-time Student.
  • Xin (Starly) Wang, Spring 2018 – Spring 2022. Ph.D. ’22, Doctoral Thesis: Secure, Reproducible And Adaptive Machine Learning In Distributed Systems. Position after graduation: Post-doc, Tsinghua University.
  • Pei Guo, Spring 2017 – Spring 2021. Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis: Scalable Multivariate Causality Discovery From Large-scale Global Spatiotemporal Climate Data. Position after graduation: Data Scientist, Wyze Labs.
  • Wenbin Zhang, Fall 2016-Fall 2020. Ph.D. Doctoral Thesis: Learning Fairness and Graph Deep Generation in Dynamic Environments. 1st Position after graduation: Post-doc, Machine Learning Department at Carnegie Mellon University. 2nd Position after graduation: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science at Michigan Technological University

Graduated MS Students

  • Garima Kumari, M.S. ’23. Master Thesis: Distributed Deep Learning Techniques for Remote Sensing Applications
  • Rohan Salvi, M.S. ’23. Master Thesis: Spatio-temporal Multivariate Weather Data Clustering Using DBScan and K-medoids Methods
  • Charan Duggirala, M.S. ’23. Master Thesis: Distributed GPU Computing For Deep Learning In Proton Beam Therapy For Cancer Treatment
  • Supriya Sangondimath, M.S. ’21. Master Thesis: Service-oriented Scalable MODIS Aggregation Using STRATUS Framework
  • Savio Kay, M.S. ’19, Master Thesis: A Big Data Study on Scientific Dataset Subsampling for Faster Data Aggregation Using Xarray And Dask. Position after graduation: Associate Programmer, Emmes.
  • Deepak Prakash, M.S. ’19. Master Thesis: Benchmarking of Parallel Climate Data Aggregation in a Distributed Environment. Position after graduation: Data Analyst and Business Intelligence Analyst at PNC Financial Services.
  • Rishi Sankineni, M.S. ’17, Master Thesis: Parallel Feature Selection of Multiple Class Datasets using Apache Spark. Position after graduation: Data Scientist, Kaiser Permanente.
  • Sarthak Bhatt, M.S. ’17, Position after graduation: Full Stack Developer, Sparksoft Corporation.
  • Muthukumar Thevar, M.S. ’17. Master Thesis: The Effect of K-nearest Neighbors Classifier for Intrusion Detection of Streaming Net-flows in Apache Spark Environment.
  • Sai C. Pallaprolu, M.S. ’17, Master Thesis: Zero-day Attack Identification in Streaming data: Nearest Neighbor Heuristics and Dynamic Semantic Network Generation in the Spark Eco-system.