Welcome to the Big Data Analytics Lab (BDAL)

In big data era, many traditional data analytics tasks need scalable solutions and many new opportunities appear. Our lab studies different aspects of big data analytics, including scalable causality analytics, scalable data aggregation and anomaly detection, with current application focuses on climate and manufacturing. We integrate techniques in distributed computing, data mining and machine learning. We work with academic and industry collaborators to achieve multidisciplinary research and social impacts.

Looking for Students!

Our lab is looking for undergraduate, master, Ph.D. and visiting students to work on big data analytics related research through volunteering, independent study, hourly paid position and Research Assistant. Please contact our lab’s director, Dr. Jianwu Wang, if you are interested.



We acknowledge the research funding from federal agencies, state, university and industry, including: National Science Foundation (NSF), Army Research Lab (ARL), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Department of Energy (DOE), Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), State of Maryland, UMBC, Amazon and Microsoft.